Client Reviews

Dear Van,
Wow! LDNL really knocked it out of the park at our wedding. The 15 minute Hora had to be the highlight of the evening. Our guests have been raving about it and asking for the name of the band ever since. 
Thank you for all your hard work and making sure our wedding reception went off without a hitch! Please pass our praises along to the band members! 

-Julie & Andy

"Not only does Nylon Pink put on a high energy performance on stage, but the ladies also have a strong personal connection with their fans. During Nylon Pink's panels and autograph sessions, the fans were so excited to meet the members. I definitely would book them again. We all look forward to seeing them in Texas again."
Pete R. Ortega - Event Specialist.

"Being a big fan of Lt. Dan's New Legs I knew I had to have them for my wedding. I've seen them in action several times and I knew my friends and family would love them too. LDNL did not dissapoint on my wedding day at the Hilton Netherland Plaza! They kept everyone on the dancefloor until the end. My friends and family are fans now too and I can't thank LDNL enough! What a night!"
Alison Montoya

"Thank you so much for connecting us with LDNL, Aaron and Ishmael. The music was absolutely fabulous the entire evening. I really appreciate your time coming to the hotel to make sure everything is set up and ready to go too. Melissa and Tal had so much fun that Tal asked if we could do an event like the wedding every two years! He said it would give me something to do.
I will certainly recommend my friends contacting you for their kid’s celebrations. If I had a daughter #2, you would be one of the first people I would call.
Take care and thank you again."


"All Keyed Up did a wonderful job. They were rockin when I got there which was around 5:55 PM so the Hilton was able to get them in the room early. They played until about 9:10 and I made sure they got dinner before I left. There were several people asking me who I contracted to get this duo so, maybe more business will come from this! Thanks again for all of your help. I really appreciate the quick response to my request. I look forward to working with you next November. Take care."

~Tami Lovett

Feedback on Sweet Diesel Jenkins has been incredibly strong. Thanks for surfacing them for the event.
Not only was their music terrific, they were a pleasure to work with: professional, respectful, and appreciative. My kind of partner for the carnival. 
Can you check with them regarding their interest in participating again next year?"
Tween Brands

Pat Buzzard did a great job at my private party.  He and crew were very professional, arrived early,  and exceeded all of our expectations.   Pat met with me before the event to go over the logistics and the specifics of what we were looking for.  The night of the party they were very flexible with our changing schedule, and played what we had requested and what the crowd was wanting to hear. Everyone thought they were great.  I would recommend Him to anyone hosting a private party, corporate event or a club for that matter.  We are looking forward to seeing Him perform again soon."

Eric Miller 

"We had a great time!
All keyed Up did a really good job and were highly entertaining. We moved all the tables out of the bar area and onto the patio to accommodate the crowd.
The Band was great as well, energetic and had a good combination of all sorts of music
A really great experience and I do want the pianos again and want some dates down. I also think Easton Adobe Gila's/Ugly tuna would have a great time with them as well so I will pass the info along."

Thank you again for all your help making our event a great one.


You guys were great. Everyone loved the music. So yes...expectations met!!

"The Lee Gant Band was awesome!  :)"
Jane Grindley

"Hi Van!
LDNL was beyond awesome!! They played the perfect mix of songs for the different ages of our guests and got everyone up and dancing the entire night. They MC'ed the whole reception which kept things moving along very smoothly. We had a Jewish wedding and the band played Hava Nagilah live which was an awesome highlight for us. Everyone loved the band's choreographed dance moves and a few of us even got on the stage with them towards the end of the night and started doing one of their dances with them! They were able to play a few songs by request which helped get folks out of their seats that don't usually dance - including my new father-in-law! We loved the energy that the whole band brought the entire night. The transitions from song to song were so smooth and we loved the hip-hop spin that they put on most of the songs to make it their own. We've seen LDNL at several local bars and knew that they would be perfect for our wedding - and they were. Even the serving staff told us that they didn't want to leave after their shift ended because they were enjoying the band so much! All of our friends and family kept telling us how awesome the band was, even weeks later. Having live entertainment truly made our reception extra special and LDNL was the best choice. I can't say enough great things about them. They were professional, had a great set list and created such a great experience for us and all of our guests. I would recommend them for any event. I can't wait to see them perform again soon!
I Wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you, Van for all your help! It was great working with you and I appreciate all your help in getting everything set up and perfect!! Thank you so much and take care!"

~Carrie Bram

"It helps when you have the best band in a 1,000 mile radius. I see a lot of cover bands and these guys separate themselves from everyone else. They actually make the cover bands around here step up their game!

- Tony Jiannuzzi (Owner of Martini & Nuzzi's)