Here at NewLegs Productions we can handle any size festival, corporate or wedding event. Staging, Sound and Light production. Send and email to get an estimate for your event.

Festival're having a festival huh?

Do you really want to settle for the same type of entertainment year after year? Jumping castle...rock wall climbing...yada, yada, yada! Yes, they are fun but will they really leave your guests talking about your event the day after?

...and what about entertaining guests over the age of 9 or 10 that sit there for two ro three hours with nothing to do?

NewLegs Productions get the audience involved and we keep them involved, regardless of the age. 

ALL of our festival/fair entertainment acts are ideal for these kind of events; Stage Shows, Live Music / Bands, Illusionists / Magicians, Dancers, Face Painting, and more.
No need to stress, it's a festival, time to party!!! NewLegs way! : )

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